Wild Life


For a small island of just 65,610 km², Sri Lanka possesses a plentiful treasure trove of wildlife in the land and the seas. To witness regal elephants swaying around a lake or caring for an adorable youngster, visit Sri Lanka’s wildlife sanctuaries. These sanctuaries provide space for a plethora of wild beasts, birds, amphibians and effervescent butterflies. Catch glimpses of the stealthy leopard, Purple-faced Langur, sambar deer, sloth bear, red slender Loris, the spotted deer and crocodiles in the sun. Discover the true beauty of a lush tropical forest where myriad of waterways provide a fertile backdrop for hundreds of flora and fauna to thrive under a canopy of green and warm sunlight in Kanneliya and Sinharja.

Sri Lanka’s marine biodiversity provides a source of exhilarating delights to the discerning travellers. Explore the sea world surrounding the southern and eastern coastal Sri Lanka and enjoy silent encounters with majestic whales, dolphins and flying fish. Witness the efforts of some local centres to protect the world’s dwindling turtle population.

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