Whale Watching

Whale and Dolphin watching

The turquoise depths around Sri Lanka create ideal warm conditions for whales to flaunt their majesty and for dolphins to frolic amidst the salty, sensuous feel of the ocean. If you visit the eastern coast during November and December or March and April, don’t miss out on a whale and dolphin watching excursion in Kalpitiya.  You will be able to catch glimpses of Sperm whales, Blue whales, Dwarf Sperm whales as well as Melon headed whales. In Mirissa (in the southern coast) the season starts in November and goes on until April in the next year. In the waters around Mirissa, you will see solitary dives of Blue whales, Fin whales, Bryde’s whales and some of the time if you’re lucky killer whales. Bottlenose dolphins, Striped dolphins, Common dolphins as well as Spinner dolphins swim the waters near Mirissa. Visitors to this area will be able to gaze at turtles, Bluefin tuna and sometimes even a school of flying fish scamper across the waves. If you’re going on a whale and a dolphin watching excursion make sure book your tour with an environmentally responsible centre who truly care for these mysterious sea creatures.

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