South Asia Holiday destinations - Maldives Vs Sri Lanka

If you are in the brink of selecting a sunny holiday destination to south Asia and cannot decide what & where? Well we have 5 good reasons why you can select Sri Lanka over Maldives as your next holiday destination.

Only for beach lovers

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Maldives are set of very little geographical featured islands have beautiful and un-spoilt beaches with crystal clear water in the Indian Ocean.

If you are looking for holiday by the beach where you can go swimming in a turquoise water and sunbathe on silver-white sand, no doubt the Maldives is the places to be.

But before you make your bookings you ask this yourself; "Am I going to spend a small fortune and spend one or may be two weeks just staring at the beach, water sports and going swimming and snorkeling?"

Because, beautiful beaches, beautiful hotels & nice sea foods are the things probably Maldives can offer you. But there are many million other things you can joy while you on holiday but just geographically located just next to Maldives, a small magical island called Sri Lanka.

Here is few; whether it’s sea, wildlife, mountains, rivers, massive water falls, adventurers, trekking, cycling, heritage sites, world wonders, rain forests, all water sports, whale or dolphin watching, jaw dropping scenarios, mouthwatering tasty foods, best hospitality and sand dunes.. Yes it’s all packed up within this little Island called Sri Lanka. 

Culture and History

With a history that runs to the colonial era, the Maldives is not a destination for historical and cultural enthusiasts comparative to Sri Lanka.

With sky-high dabagos, large reservoirs and elegant temples and old palaces the 3000 years old history and heritage Sri Lanka owns have added a great value to the tourism industry in Sri Lanka.

As a nation who survived several foreign invasions over the years Sri Lanka has a rich and colourful mixture of culture that can add memories and experiences of a lifetime. 


Go snorkeling and diving exploring the fascinating marine life, find a pristine beach for yourself to spend the time with your loved one, go on a hiking adventure or an adrenaline rushing white water rafting excursion.


For a more romantic and peaceful holiday, hire a private yacht and ride along the beautiful coastline of Sri Lanka, spend your time in a peaceful beach or a jungle resort and enjoy a yoga retreat and a head-to-toe Ayurvedic message. 

While the Maldives only offer you a great deal of Sun, sea and sand Sri Lanka can offer you an extensive range of experiences.

Maldives indeed the dream vacation for everyone who has seen the screen savers of the Maldivian beaches. But if you are someone easily get bored and seek for new adventures and expect every day to be your different in your holiday, Sri Lanka is a better holiday destination for you than the Maldives.

Luxury is the same

Just because Sri Lanka doesn’t have beach resorts similar to the ones in the Maldives doesn’t mean that Sri Lanka lack as a luxury travel destination .


Jetwing Hotels "Vil Uyana" (right side picture)

In Sri Lanka, elegant and luxurious hotels, resorts and villas are not rare sights in every main tourism city in the island and have the finest facilities to offer you the same Maldivian luxury and privacy in your holiday in Sri Lanka. What most special about in Sri Lanka is they have far more state of the art eco-friendly hotels you will not see anywhere in the world. Few are Vil Uyana – Jetwing, Heritance Kandalama, Boulder Gardens, Yala – Jetwing, Ulagalla Resort, Forest Rock Garden Hotel ….


An imported beer in Maldives costs nearly twice the price as it costs in Sri Lanka. And of course they have their own brands & tourists love that.

Not only with the bear but also in many areas Sri Lanka offer you a way more value for a lesser price. This can be accommodation, food and other activity fees.

In conclusion, Maldives is one of the finest destination for a beach holiday. Yet, it only can offer you snorkelling and diving adventures, an endless beach line and private resorts filled with luxury.

On the other hand, Sri Lanka is a country with diversity. A place where you’ll never get bored.  Another finest beach destination in Asia that can offer you crystal water beaches along with cultural and historical diversity, breathtaking landscapes, diversified nature and wildlife and more.

If you are someone who is in love with the beach and know for sure that you’ll never get bored with the beach, the Maldives is the best for you. But for those who seek a diverse of experiences and moments, Sri Lanka is the destination you should choose.

Written by
Pavithra Premarathna
Freelance Copywriter/Blogger

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