Shopping in Sri Lanka

Fantastic Shopping

Apart from the bountiful beauty of nature’s gifts and unique cultural heritage, Sri Lanka offers ample space and means for shopolics too. You could traverse the shaded lanes of Colombo and visit the shopping precincts to get your hands on branded clothing items, perfume, accessories as well as exotic ethnic wear in the shape of handloom sarees, dresses and shirts of beautiful colours or the vibrant patterns of batik wear.  Colombo’s high end shops sell exquisite tea ranges and blended teas in attractive packaging. If you are looking for a far more local touch, check out the traditional masks of unusual beauty with a touch of the grotesque or pick out a few carved elephants embedded with semi-precious gems of elegant brilliance. Traditional Sri Lankan silver and gold jewellery come in dainty and exquisite designs. If you’re looking for an elegant souvenir for friends back home pick out a sculpted brass lamp, dainty lace work or an ornate box of elegant wood work. Coconut shell jewellery and other items sold at handicraft shops emanate a rustic charm. If you’re looking for a bargain, visit the Pettah market where an assortment of clothing, electronic items as well as spices beckons visitors to enter friendly haggles with vendors. Sri Lanka is famous for its treasure trove of gems of excellent quality such as moonstones, cat’s eye, red rubies, brilliant star sapphires and the celebrated blue sapphires.

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