Sri Lanka is a land of variety, vibrancy and immense beauty of nature and cultural diversity. Coastal areas beckon visitors with their silky, sandy beaches, refreshing sea waters and mighty waves combined with picturesque villages. Further inland you find lush landscapes where indigenous birds and beasts mingle with more common fauna of the earth in a profusion of fertile woodlands. Seemingly endless paddy fields that turn from pleasing green to golden and brown as the cultivation seasons change combine their charm with those of the way of life closely knit to this age old trade. The hill country beckons visitors to explore different mountain ranges where nature conspire to preserve its own beauty as well as some spiritual haunts where travelling hermits sought refuge in rocky caves.

The cascading waterfalls and the endless colonial tea trails of Nuwara Eliya offer an adventure with a different flavor. The quaint beauty of the arid low lands with its abundance of wildlife and dry forests invite visitors to savour its unique beauty. The remaining architectural and engineering wonders of a hydraulic civilization that thrived in these lands thousands of years ago relate tales of adventure, rich tradition and awe. The bustling city of Colombo presents an entirely different lifestyle more in tune with a modern cosmopolitan way. If you are a traveller of the discerning kind, you will be delighted with the subtle differences in each area as well as the change each era including the colonial times had  brought about to the paradise isle, colouring its very existence with a multitude of hues.

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