England Cricket Tour in Sri Lanka 2018

England Cricket Tour in Sri Lanka 2018
Ideal time for a holiday too?

Just imagine a holiday that can offer you the perfect serene tropical atmosphere and a world of opportunities to enjoy live matches of your favorite sport- Cricket. 

Pictures by - https://flickr.com/photos/nazly 

Date Match Location
Mon 1 Oct England arrive Colombo
Fri 5 Oct 50-over tour match v Colombo Colombo
Sat 6 Oct 50-over tour match v Colombo Colombo
Wed 10 Oct 1st ODI (D/N) Dambulla
Sat 13 Oct 2nd ODI Dambulla
Wed 17 Oct 3rd ODI (D/N) Kandy
Sat 20 Oct 4th ODI Kandy
Tue 23 Oct 5th ODI (D/N) Colombo
Sat 27 Oct T20 International (D/N) Colombo
Oct 30-31 2-day Tour Match Colombo
Nov 1-2 2-day Tour Match Colombo
Nov 6-10 1st Test Galle
Nov 14-18 2nd Test Kandy
Nov 23-27 3rd Test Colombo


Free your schedule in October/November 2018 and visit Sri Lanka for a ‘peaceful island vacation’ and a thrilling Cricket encounter as another thrilling battle between England and Sri Lanka takes place in 2018 in Sri Lanka. The island well known for Cricket, delicious tea, beautiful beaches, rich culture, wondrous heritage and profound nature attracts thousands of tourists each year.

Witness this cricket explosion between England and Sri Lanka and enjoy a blast in the tropical paradise in Asia-Sri Lanka. What they have planned so far is to play 03 test, 05 ODIs and 01 T20 match. The exact dates have not been released yet so stay tuned here for the dates.

Sit with the crowd who belong to the same ‘Cricket loving’ tribe and watch an exclusive match between England and Sri Lanka. Because, it’s time for you to enjoy a live cricket encounter from you naked eyes in a frame no TV screen can capture.

Pictures by - https://www.flickr.com/photos/nazly

For those who cheer when a cricketer take a wicket and go crazy when a batsman chooses the wrong shot to hit the ball, watching a live match in the stadium is the best way to enjoy cricket without being a weirdo to others. Because, you are going to find better cricket weirdos than you are, in a cricket stadium.

Admire the talents of your national team and watch the performance of your favorite Sri Lankan cricketers and chill out in the outdoor enjoying the warm climate sipping a beer. The loud cheerful music of the Papare bands (famous Sri Lankan Cricket music bands), waving flags and loud cheering and jeering of people supporting their teams definitely will give you a strong game spirit you’ve never experienced before.

Get a face painting of the England flag and capture close-up sights of the live performance of your favorite cricketer’s. And make sure to do some hooting, dancing and hating when a player got out. Waving hands to the players when they are at the boundary line is another fun thing to do when you are watching live cricket at the stadium.

Other than cricket, here are few other things you can experience in your vacation in Sri Lanka.

Enjoy a peaceful time in an amazing beach

The beaches in Sri Lanka are unspoilt, beautiful and tranquil. Go sunbathing and swimming with the waves, walk along the beach and call it a day watching a magical sunset.

Flavor the taste of Sri Lankan food

Rice and curry, hoppers, roti and wades are few dishes you should not miss in your holiday in Sri Lanka.

Enjoy your time in a luxury resort in Sri Lanka

Whether you want to stay by the beach or spend your time surrounding yourself in a jungle setting or watch a beautiful waterfall from your window, Sri Lanka got you covered. Hotels like Jetwing Yala, you will not see that sort of 5 star authentic resorts anywhere in the world.


Go on an adventure

Sri Lanka offers you a range of adventures from skydiving to snorkeling.

Admire the tropical landscapes

Sri Lanka doesn't lack scenic mountains covered with mist, waterfalls with rainbows, green tea plantation patterned with cream colour trails that can make your jaws drop.

So, start planning your trip to Sri Lanka now. Have a look at some tours here. Or create your own tour here. Or just drop an email

Written by
Pavithra Premarathna
Freelance Copywriter/Blogger
Website: www.snappyscript.com




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