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Eco Tourism

Savour the true essence of Sri Lanka while travelling responsibly with careful steps to leave gifts of nature as you found them with Sri Lanka Eco tours. Sri Lanka’s landscape and seascape are true treasures where you will stumble upon precious adventures. Trek the chilly hills of Knckles mountain range where a green flora and wild beasts thrive, stay at a tree top cabin listening to the serene sounds of the jungle and eat authentic Sri Lankan meals made of organic produce. Seek to escape in to the beautiful seascapes full of mysterious sea creatures and pristine beaches. Tread carefully to watch life unfold undisturbed in the seas and the wild. Witness the fragile remnants of a glorious hydraulic civilization in historic cities. Spend a day at an authentic Sri Lankan village and learn to love the simple, harmless lifestyle.  Become part of a movement that appreciate the world’s bounteous gifts without causing disruption and help the locals preserve their integrity and prosper.  

Our any standard tour includes best rating Standard or Luxury/Boutique hotels and all transport throughout the tour in a private air conditioned car with the service of an English Speaking Chauffer guide. - click here for more details