Why Sri Lanka is one of the favorite tourist destinations to go in 2017?

Why Sri Lanka is one of the favorite tourist destinations to go in 2017?

Renowned as the pearl of the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka is a beautiful island that can offer you an extravaganza of nature, beaches, wildlife, culture and more.

Sandy Beaches Sri Lanka

No matter you travel with your family or loved one or friends or flying solo, Sri Lanka has something amazing and extraordinary to offer you. Here are few reasons why Sri Lanka is one of the favourite tourist destinations to go in 2017.


Enjoy the turquoise waters…Feel the salty wind in your hair and soft sand in your feet… Listen to the percussion of the Indian ocean..Get on your bathing suit and get some natural tanning. 
Offering you a list of beaches around the coastal belt of Sri Lanka, the island opens doors for an unforgettable island vacation.


From Mighty elephants, fierce leopards, interesting reptiles to migrated birds, the diversity of wildlife you can capture in Sri Lanka is endless.
Where you want to play with baby elephants, go on a thrilling safari ride in a 4x 4 jeep to the wild or join an exciting bird watching excursion or get on a boat and snap the photos of magnificent whales, Sri Lanka got your covered.


Variety is the spice of life. The cuisine flavored with different species and influenced by a diverse of cultures such as Indian, Tamil, Muslim, Dutch and more is delicious and unique. With rice and curry -the staple food of Sri Lankans, along with other delicious side dishes, sweets and deserts, Sri Lanka is the best destination to feed your self-confessed foodie soul in 2017.

Man-made wonders

Stare at the sky high dagabos, wander around the ancient ruins of luxurious palaces including Sigiriya and Polonnaruwa while listed to the stories of the ancient kings and queens full of drama and excitements.


Traditional dancers, with vivid costumes, wearing devil masks dancing to the rhythm of traditional drums and horns are fascinating and unleash the beauty of the rich culture of the island.

Adventure sports

Surfing, white water rafting, diving, hiking snorkelling, kayaking, balloon rides, skydiving… you name it.
For those who are looking for a holiday full of adventure, Sri Lanka is the place to go for your next crazy adventure.


Anyone with tea addiction will find a heaven on earth in Sri Lanka. Taste the world’s best cup of tea in scenic Nuwara Eliya Sri Lanka admiring the beauty of the misty mountains covered with lush green tea plantation.
Also, don’t forget to pay a visit to a local tea estate and witness the process of tea production.

The best reason…

Beautiful beaches, profound nature, delectable food and amazing culture is everywhere in Asia.If this is what’s going on in your head right now, here is the best reason that makes you cut off all the other destinations from your ‘My-dream-travel-2017’ list.

The recommendations.

Did you know that rough guides rated Sri Lanka as one of the favourite destinations to go in 2017 according to their readers choice and Mirroir and vogue listed Sri Lanka in their top 10 travel hotlist destinations to visit in 2017?

So, start planning your trip to Sri Lanka now. Have a look at some tours here. Or create you own tour here. Or just drop an email

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Pavithra Premarathna
Freelance Copywriter/Blogger
Website: www.snappyscript.com

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